The Clockwork Door

We're open, come on by!

Absolutely loved the place and the people... I wish that every city had a space like this. The space is awesome but the sense of community and welcome is what made is special.
- Drew

Welcome to The Clockwork Door, the most homely place you'll find in the Temple Bar! We are Ireland's unique Time House - a pay-as-you-go venue where you can enjoy unlimited tea, coffee, biscuits, popcorn and Wi-Fi and only pay for the time you spend here. We are a strictly non-alcoholic venue but you are welcome to bring in your own food (we have a microwave) or get a take-away - pizza, Japanese food, Italian food, you name it! We will happily recommend a good spot for a take-away in Dublin centre.

Our Main Room often has something going on, do check out our Events Gallery for information on upcoming entertainment and great ways to spend an evening or meet new people. At all other times the room is essentially a board game cafe - we have a ton of games so bring your friends and enjoy some quality time together! We also host regular Dungeons & Dragons sessions, including beginner events every week. If you want to bring in your own D&D group do let us know and we may be able to offer you a special rate.

We have membership options that are worth looking at if you plan to spend a lot of time with us. We can be your study space in Dublin, your get-out-of-the-office lunch spot or just a venue to get together with your friends!

Do send us a word if you have any questions or just want to say hi!



    Our Main Room - more like Living Room! - is the heart of The Clockwork Door, where you will find a whole stack of board games, including Irish monopoly, Munchkin, Cluedo and lots of other popular games. The Main Room is also where most our events take place. We have a stage for guest speakers, really comfy couches and even a guitar. We are always looking for more event hosts and speakers, so if you want to organize a gaming club or put on a comedy performance, for example, drop us a line!

    If you are looking for a cool place to play board games in Dublin, you've come to the right place. As far as we know, we are the only board game cafe in Dublin, and we are proud of our vast collection of tabletop games. We also host a great number of D&D sessions, including Drop in / Drop Out Dungeons and Dragons. Check our events page for more details!

    Video Games Room

    Looking to play some video games in Dublin city centre? We have over 12,000 single and multiplayer console games, so we can promise to entertain you for hours! With a wide range of consoles, from the classic PlayStation 1 and Nintendo 64 to the newest XBox 360 and Playstation 4, we have all the games you might ever want to play! Our little Raspberry Pie also provides a huge selection of retro games if you are feeling nostalgic. Come along with your friends or relax during your lunch break!

    P.S. Yes, we have Mario Kart, too.

    Study Room

    Looking for a quiet place to study in Dublin centre? The Study Room at The Clockwork Door is perfect for all your academic needs. It's a quiet place to study or work on your laptop right in Dublin centre. If you want a place to tutor in Dublin or do grinds with a friend regularly, drop us a line and we'll organize a special membership for you. We have everything you need for comfortable study or work: pens and pencils, paper, lots of sockets and a whiteboard. And if you want to study English or practice other languages, come to our regular language events! And the best part - unlimited tea, coffee and biscuits are always there to keep you sustained throughout your studies. We are open 12 pm to 10 pm.

    If you have a big exam coming up and planning to be spending a lot of time with us, check out our membership options!

    The Study Room is a perfect meeting space in Dublin centre, and you can rent exclusively it by the hour.


    The Kitchen is, of course, everyone's favourite room at The Clockwork Door! Where else in Dublin can you find 50 different types of tea? We also have coffee with Monin syrups if you are  feeling experimental, hot chocolate and squash, biscuits and crackers, toast and jam, and even a popcorn machine! We are an alcohol-free venue but you are very welcome to bring your own food and take advantage of the microwave. Get a cuppa or two and make yourself at home.

    P.S. If you're feeling Irish black tea is in that big white jar behind all the colored boxes!

    • Standard Rates

    • 0.08
    • Get unlimited tea, coffee, biscuits and wi-fi; enjoy board games, video games and cosy rooms at just

      • 8 cent per minute (the first 2 hours)
      • 6 cent per minute (the next 2 hours)
      • 5 cent per minute (the rest of the day)
      • min €1.50 / Full day pass €20
    • Membership Rates

    • €75
      28 days
      • 4 weeks of unlimited stay
      • free VR arcade on Tuesdays until 6pm!
    • Event Space

    • from €30
      per room
    • Looking to rent a small event venue in Dublin centre? We have the perfect solution for you - there different style rooms with tea, coffee and biscuits included. Please ask us about the rates for the specific date and time!