Our Rates

Standard Rates

Get unlimited tea, coffee, biscuits and wi-fi; enjoy board games, video games and cosy rooms at just

- 8 cent per minute (the first 2 hours)

- 6 cent per minute (the next 2 hours)

- 5 cent per minute (the rest of the day)

min €1.50 / Full day pass €20

Membership Rates

Get our membership card for €75 and enjoy 4 weeks of unlimited stay + free VR arcade on Tuesdays until 6pm!

Rent Event Space

Looking to rent a small event venue in Dublin centre? We have the perfect solution for you - 3 different style rooms with tea, coffee and biscuits included. We let out the Ha'Penny Room (fits about 30 people), the Study Room (15 people) and the Cosy Room (15 people). Please ask us about the rates for the specific date and time!