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Santa Claus has lost his list somewhere in the city. Every second that passes means the list could be lost forever, or even found by the wrong people. With time rapidly running out before Christmas day we have to know what happened to the list. That’s why we’re hired you, the best detectives around to trace Santa’s path around the city and try to retrieve the list before it’s too late.

In this real world experience you will walk (or run) around Dublin deciphering the clues that lead you along the same path Santa Claus took only the day before. It will be a test of your wits, intelligence, and situational awareness. With real world actors, and locations you will see Dublin in a completely new way. For locals and tourists it’s a perfect way to spend some time experiencing the city in a brand new way.


Please note: this game is designed for adults. Though there is no mature content, we believe it is too challenging for children.


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