Playtesting Protocol Zeta

So everyone recieves their role, we are all mad and eccentric scientists in a secret research facility. One of the players will be Patient Zero who carries and spreads the virus. The researchers inside have to complete one of two goals; either spend their time researching the vaccine , or eliminate the zombies in the facility. Conversely the zombie team will have one of two goals to work towards; either spend their time breaking down the quarantine door to escape or turn the entire facility to their side.

During the “Day” phase players team up in groups of people they trust. If they work together they can efficiently protect each other and research the vaccine which is their end goal. but should they accidentally trust a carrier of the virus their defenses will be compromised and they may be turned. players can be turned to zombies and back to human many times in the game, but only a select few roles can fully kill off a character. Of course once the outbreak is detected the Disease Control Officer reaches for his/her gun to make some mortal decisions. and not all researchers will be turned into normal zombies, some are stronger, meaner, and more inclined to kill their victim too! Of course there is much more to the game, and your vital input at this early stage will decide how the game progresses and develops.