Who can play Escape Room?

The games are primarily designed for adults, however children over 10 years old are welcome to join if accompanied by adults.

What clothes should I wear?

There are no active elements in the game but we recommend you to wear comfortable clothes and shoes. We recommend staying away from high heels and tights!

Can I see the room before I play?

Part of the enjoyment of an Escape Room Experience is the element of surprise, and we don't want to ruin the game for you! You can see some sneak peaks in our gallery to get a feel for the theme of the room. Trust us - you'll be impressed!

Is Room Escape a scary experience?

Not really. It can get dark at times but it's exciting rather than scary. The door in each room is always open so you don't need to worry about being physically locked up.

What if my English isn't very good?

If you got this far on our website you'll have no problem solving the puzzles!
There are no purely language-based puzzles in the game but if you experience any difficulty the Game Master will be able to help you with picture-based instructions.

Why can't I just break open the door?

Well, you didn't come here and pay to do that, did you?

What if I am late?

We always ask you to come 10 minutes before the start of your game. If you are late and we have a free slot afterwards we'll be happy to let you play for the usual 60 minutes. If, however, we have another group coming after your game, you have created an extra challenge for yourself. It is possible to solve all the puzzles in less than an hour ;)

Can I come in without booking online?

Technically, yes, we are open every day from 12.00 till 22.00. However, the room may well be reserved by another group so we strongly recommend to book online beforehand if you would like to play.