The Clockwork Door

Welcome to The Clockwork Door, Ireland's first and only Timehouse! We are a welcoming social space with multiple rooms, unlimited tea, coffee, biscuits and popcorn and lots of games and events to entertain you. Feel free to drop by any time you are in the Temple Bar. You only pay for the time you spend with us, everything else is free!

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Publess Quiz

Join our Quiz Without a Pub on Saturday June 10th @ 4pm. Test your general knowledge (we promise to make it hard!) and get the chance to win cool prizes!

Birthday party!

Want to host a birthday party with tea and games? Contact us for our Birthday special offer!

The Irish Times Approve!

One of our first visitors were the Irish Times, and it seems they were pretty impressed by the place! Have a look at what they said. 

New Board Games - Exploding Kittens

Do you like kittens? Do you like explosions? Well, now we have them together in the popular board game box!