The Clockwork Key

Welcome to the newest Room Escape in Dublin! Situated right in the heart of Dublin by the Ha'Penny Bridge, we have a magical experience awaiting you behind the mysterious door... Immerse yourself in the magical world inspired by Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland.

Welcome! We are a Room Escape in Dublin city centre

The magical world of Alice in Wonderland awaits you! Do you like solving puzzles? Do you like having fun and working together with your friends? Do you like new and exciting experiences? Then this newest Room Escape in Dublin is a perfect reason to pop by our place! We are open 7 days a week and run games from 12pm to 10pm. Go straight to the booking form to check our availability or call us at (01) 538 0998 to book your spot!

Just in case the room is booked and you don't know what to do - check out the board games, video games and various events happening at The Clockwork Door! We're are the same place :)